BalaBoomi City, provides you with a pool of services involved and helpful in development of your property.

We bring you one roof solutions to help you with value added services which do not need your attention always,
but is essential in the course of procurement.

Vastu Consultancy

BB City has a team of professionals who have concrete manpower related to all requirements of Real Estate. Our experts in Vaastu can guide you through the process of attracting divine energy through various Indian vaastu sciences techniques. Our Experts can plan and execute vaastu philosophies right from the time of construction to the completion of Construction.

Interior Designing

BB City has inhouse skills of delivering Customised Interiors as desired by you and can also provide timely executions with appropriate budgets.


Our Painting techniques do not just involve in regular painting patterns, but innovative sections of painting skills are available with BB City.

Architectural & Civil Contracts

BB City is a unique company with distinguished departments related to civil jobs. Our core team is always ready to execute jobs levels of immediate action. Our techniques are abreast of the latest technologies available in the industry today. We accept both contractual based projects and manpower based projects.


When it comes to loans, Our team is fully equipped with ready solutions to procure loans for you with financial institutions who include MNCs, Nationalised and NBFCs. Our team operates door to door services which helps you to procure hassle free loans at very short intervals.